Oops! Did you just spray a furniture polish on a laminate surface, leaving a film? Or, did you just get a little over-enthusiastic with the floor cleaner, mopping your kitchen? Don’t fret, you can spray or mop on a mixture of equal parts white vinegar and water to remove any residue!

For furniture surfaces, just wipe the vinegar and water off with a clean, dry rag. For floor surfaces, mop an additional time with plain water to remove the vinegar.


Well, the holidays are over and Southwest Michigan had little or no snow! This is a great thing for commercial building contractors, but does not contribute to a joyous holiday spirit!

Let's remember that snow is coming. Keep in mind that preparation for ice and snow is essential. It is important to have salt on hand. We don't want to start the new year with any slips or falls!


Just a short reminder of the importance of walk-off mats during the winter season. The cost of the mats far outweighs the deterioration of carpet and finish on floors, as well as the more important issue of slip and fall hazards. Happy Holidays.

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